Educational Discs

Do I need an Educational copy?

If you are acting on behalf of a school, university, library or community organization (e.g. local music association) and plan to screen the discs in a public setting and are not charging admission, you must purchase the Educational Discs. 

Educational Discs may NOT be purchased and screened, if:
1) You plan to charge admission to the screening; or
2) You plan to screen the discs in connection with a fundraiser

If you wish to hold a paid-admission screening or fundraiser please email us at


What are Public Performance Rights?

Public Performance Rights (PPR) allow screenings of the Discs for educational purposes. PPR permit screenings in an educational setting when NO admission is charged. PPR documentation is included with Educational Discs purchased from the official online Store. Regular home-use-only disc sets purchased here which are not accompanied by PPR documentation do NOT carry Public Performance Rights, and are for private-home use only. Public screening of those discs for an audience is a violation of copyright and is illegal.


Why are Educational Discs more expensive than the home-use-only discs for sale here?

Public Performance Rights have significant additional value since they are good for the life of the media and allow many more people to view the media than the home-use-only version. By purchasing the PPR one time, your organization can hold an unlimited number of screenings for your students and members, as long as no admission is charged.


I’d like to invite someone associated with the film to speak at my screening.

Great! Please contact us at for more information


I’m still not sure whether this applies to me, how do I contact you?

Email us at


Educational Discs - Terms of Sale

By ordering Educational Discs from this site, you hereby certify that:

  • You are an authorized representative of a Library, University, Public / Private School, Church, or other Not-For-Profit organization and are purchasing Educational Discs on its behalf 

  • You will not charge admission for any screening of the Educational Discs

  • You will not reproduce in any manner, broadcast, or televise the Educational Discs

  • You will be responsible for any damages incurred to the Educational Discs in connection with use

  • Public Performance Rights are good for the life of the media

Our Return Policy applies in the event that discs arrive in a damaged or defective condition.